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If you’re considering cosmetic dental treatment, this is the cosmetic dental surgery guide you’ve been looking for. Behind the Smile is an insider’s guide to cosmetic dentistry, written by registered dentists with many years of practical experience providing quality dental advice and care – including cosmetic dental work. We tell you what the ‘experts’ should be telling you about cosmetic dental treatment – but sometimes don’t – including the process, benefits and risks, in order to help you make the right choice for you and your smile.

The benefits of having beautiful teeth and an attractive smile are obvious, particularly with regards to the boost it can give to your self confidence. Not all people however, are lucky enough to have this naturally, while accidents and other issues over the course of a lifetime can leave us unhappy with the appearance of our smile. At the same time, we know that many people find the idea of any dental treatment – particularly more invasive cosmetic dentistry – to be off-putting and, in some cases, even frightening. Behind the Smile is designed and written to give you all of the facts, demystifying the process and assisting you with making the difficult decision about whether or not to undergo cosmetic dental treatment.

Unfortunately, and all too often, cosmetic dental treatment is sold to patients without giving them full information, and without patients fully understanding what the treatment involves, what the risks are and what the alternative options may be. We are here to offer you all of the background information you need to make it easier to decide on the right treatment for you. You will also be able to see if your dentist is giving you all of the facts, as well as giving you points for discussion at your next dental appointment.

Our insider’s guide to cosmetic dentistry provides detailed information about the different types of cosmetic dental treatment available to improve your smile and what they involve, cautions about the common risks and pitfalls of each treatment, helps you locate a dentist near you if you aren’t already registered with one, and offers some helpful advice about what to do if things go wrong. All information is completely impartial, and simply aims to furnish you with unbiased facts about cosmetic dentistry.

Behind the Smile should not be considered a substitute for having a really long and detailed discussion with your own dentist who will, of course, understand your dental health and history better than anyone. The purpose of the site is, rather, to give you some of the facts and information you need before you go to your dentist to enquire about cosmetic dentistry. Importantly, it should give you the confidence to ask the right questions when talking to your dentist, and help you understand what they are telling you.

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